About the Missouri Census Data Center

Note: Instructions for subscribing to the MCDC listserv are provided at the bottom of this page.


The Census Bureau's State Data Center Program celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2008. The Business and Industry Data Center component of the program began in 1988 to enhance use of economic data from the Bureau. A network of more than 1700 agencies nationwide, the Data Center Program has provided access and education on Census Bureau products as well as other statistical resources to millions of data users for more than 30 years. Administered at the state level, each state has a network of affiliates that serve their constituents, be they government, business, not-for-profits, educators, or anyone in need of economic and demographic data. This web site is here to serve that network, providing resources and information to assist all of us in our work with the Census Bureau. The Network section helps us to link to our partners nationwide. The Steering Committee is the means by which all of us can share our concerns and needs.

The Missouri Census Data Center (MCDC) Program operates under a memorandum of understanding between the Office of the Secretary of State and the U.S. Bureau of the Census. The Missouri State Library in the Office of the Secretary of State is the lead agency responsible for the program.

MCDC holdings consist of public machine readable data archive and numerous reports and dynamic web applications. A state-wide network of lead, coordinating and affiliate agencies provides users with assistance in accessing the MCDC holdings and answering questions regarding their use and interpretation.

Lead Coordinating Agencies

Terry Blauvelt, Statistical Research Analyst at the Missouri State Library, represents the lead agency at the Missouri State Library; he works in conjunction with the following group of coordinating agency partners:

Local Affiliates

In addition to the lead and coordinating agencies, the Census Bureau allows a maximum of 30 local affiliates in the MCDC Program to receive free Census Bureau products in exchange for outreach, training, and consulting services to data users in their respective geographic or service areas.

Business and Industry Development Affiliates

The Census Bureau also allows a maximum of 30 local affiliates in the state to be a part of its Business and Industry Development Center (BIDC) Program.

Local Associate Members

Rounding out the MCDC Program are many associate agencies, comprised of federal depository libraries, state agencies, not-for profit agencies, and other organizations that use and disseminate data.

MCDC Listserv

The best way to be kept informed regarding what's new at the MCDC - short of visiting the home page every day - is to subscribe to the Missouri Census Data Center listserv. This is where we post announcements concerning new data, changes (presumably enhancements) to our web site, important breaking news items related to census data, announcements regarding workshops, online training, conferences, upcoming data releases, etc. The listserv can also serve as a forum where you can provide us with feedback or ask questions. It can also be used to share your experiences and/or ask questions of other users with similar interests. To subscribe to the listserv send an email message to
listserv@SOSlistserv.sos.mo.gov . In the body of the message type subscribe MCDC-L your_firstname your_lastname.

Shortly after sending this message you should receive a confirmation that you are subscribed to the MCDC listserv along with instructions on how to post your messages to the list and/or change your subscriber status. Note that you do not have to be affiliated with the Missouri Census Data Center or even be a resident of Missouri in order to subscribe to the list.

When we originally wrote this paragraph it was true that the listserv was the best way to be kept informed regarding new stuff at the MCDC. But then we did not have our Whatsnew page. This is where we post timely notes regarding all non-trivial updates to our data resources. Typically, announcements will appear here a week or two before we send them out to any listservs. Some items posted here will never be posted to a listserv because they are considered "specialty" items that would not be of interest to a broad audience. So, for the more serious data user the best way to keep informed about happenings at the MCDC is to monitor the What's New page every week or so. There is a link to the What's New page just below the Home link in the Navy Blue navigation box that appears at the upper left of most MCDC pages, including this one.