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Abilene city, Texas (16000US4801000) ACS Trends for Abilene city, Texas

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SubjectAbilene city, Texas

Universe: Total population

Reference tables: B01001 B23004

Total population118,793
Under 5 years8,7457.4
5 to 9 years7,1076.0
10 to 14 years6,6765.6
15 to 19 years9,3557.9
20 to 24 years13,91711.7
25 to 34 years17,82515.0
35 to 44 years13,67411.5
45 to 54 years15,36812.9
55 to 59 years6,7605.7
60 to 64 years4,7004.0
65 to 74 years7,2356.1
75 to 84 years5,2874.5
85 years and over2,1441.8
Median age in years32.1
5 years and over110,04892.6
15 years and over96,26581.0
Under 18 years of age26,71922.5
18 years and over92,07477.5
21 years and over83,62470.4
25 years and over72,99361.4
62 years and over17,29814.6
65 years and over14,66612.3

Universe: Total population

Reference tables: B01002

Total population118,793
18 years old and over46,99677.7
65 years old and over5,7979.6
18 years old and over45,07877.4
65 years old and over8,86915.2

Universe: Total population

Reference tables: B02003

Total population118,793
One race115,23197.0
White alone94,99580.0
Black or African American11,6399.8
American Indian and Alaska Native6980.6
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander1220.1
Some other race5,7254.8
Two or more races3,5623.0
White (alone or in combination)97,77582.3
Black (alone or in combination)13,04311.0
American Indian (alone or in combination)1,6421.4
Asian (alone or in combination)2,7712.3
Native Hawaiian (alone or in combination)1420.1
Some other race (alone or in combination)7,2876.1

Universe: Total population

Reference tables: B03001 B03002

Total population118,793
Hispanic or Latino of any race28,51124.0
Not Hispanic or Latino90,28276.0
White alone73,51861.9
Black or African American alone10,8809.2
American Indian and Alaska Native alone6020.5
Asian alone2,0051.7
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone1220.1