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All About... Modules

Providing in-depth looks at topics related to census data and geography. Unless otherwise noted, all modules were written by John Blodgett.

Table of Contents

  • Measures of Income in the Census looks at all the different ways you can look at income in the data products from the Census Bureau. The focus is on the utility of the various measures and features a chart that summarizes and rates the measures.

  • Census Geography and Summary Levels looks at all the various types of geographic units that are used for summarizing census data.

  • PUMAs (Public Use Microdata Areas) have become a much more visible geographic unit because of the availability of annually updated American Community Survey data. This module tells you all you need to know about them. Actually, it tells you all about them as they existed back in 2009 before the new generation of 2010 PUMAs appeared. See the pumas2010 module to read about the PUMAs as they are defined and used now (in 2014).

  • ZIP Codes (aka "ZIP Code Resources Page") is by far the oldest and most popular (in terms of times viewed) of these modules. It was orginally written in the early 90's to be a sort of FAQ page regarding ZIP code geography. It is updated regularly.

  • Related Modules These are not technically part of the All About... series but they serve a similar purpose in terms of being in depth modules dealing with specific census-related topics.

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The Missouri Census Data Center is a sponsored program of the Missouri State Library within the office of the Missouri Secretary of State. The MCDC has been a partner in the U.S. Census Bureau's State Data Center program since 1979.

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