Circular Area Profiles (CAPS) — 2010

Revised 4/19/2017

This application aggregates 2010 census data to approximate circular areas, specified by the user using a point location and one or more radius values. Data used are from the standard MCDC extract of the SF1 files.

See the usage notes for more details. The CAPS index page lists all available versions of CAPS.

Required inputs

Latitude: (or, enter 5-digit ZIP/ZCTA code)

Longitude: (west assumed)

Or, use Google Maps to specify latitude/longitude coordinates.

Optional inputs

(ctl-click to select multiple)

Let CAPS decide based on smallest radius

Blocks (small radii, < 6 miles)

Block groups (medium radii, 6-30 miles)

Tracts (large radii, >= 30 miles)