Circular Area Profiles (CAPS) — ACS

Updated July 2018 with 2012-2016 ACS data

This application aggregates 2012-2016 American Community Survey (ACS) data to approximate circular areas, specified by the user using a point location and one or more radius values. Data used are from the latest tract- or block-group-level 5-year period estimates, standard MCDC extract. Uses a block-based apportioning algorithm (BBIA) to apportion tract/block group data. Some data items are not available at the block group level.

If you need more reliable basic demographic data for smaller radii, try instead the CAPS 2010 application, which works with data from the 2010 census.

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Required inputs

Latitude: (or, enter 5-digit ZIP/ZCTA code)

Longitude: (west assumed)

Or, use Google Maps to specify latitude/longitude coordinates.

NOTE: data for small radii (< 3 miles) are subject to substantial sampling error, especially in sparsely-populated rural areas.

Optional inputs

(ctl-click to select multiple)

Demographic Economic Social Housing

Let CAPS decide based on smallest radius

Block groups (radius < 5 miles)

Tracts (radius > 5 miles)

NOTE: Block groups provide better geographic detail for small radii, but about a fourth of the data is not available at this level. We recommend using tracts for radii over five miles.