Specfications for Creation of Census 2000 SF3 Standard Extract Datasets (Filetype: sf32000x)

  John Blodgett, March 21, 2002, Rev. June 11, 2002

For Discussion Only

We show the proposed SAS variable names and labels. Derivation or source is indicated, usually by just referencing the table on the full sf32000 record that will be used to create the variable. If no table is specified for a variable it means it is the same as the last one specified. All count items will have a corresponding Pct<var> variable. Where it is not obvious we specify the "% Denom" -- the variable to be used as the denominator in calculating the Pct--- variable. All Pct variables will have length of 4 and format of 5.1 unless otherwise specified. All count variables will have a length of 8 and a format of comma7. unless otherwise specified.

To view tech doc defining the P and H tables for sf32000 see the web pages:
http://www.census.gov/population/www/cen2000/SF3-housing.html .

The grouping by Roman Numeral id'ed groupings is intended to refer to potential Tables in our dp3_2k web reports. However, several of these would be redundant with tables already appearing in the dp1_2k reports based on SF1 data. We may want to have an option on our profile-generator that lets the user choose whether they want to see such tables. While they are indeed redundant in some ways, the numbers will be different for smaller geographic areas (below county) because of the difference between complete count and sample data. So they would be useful.

  1. Total Population TotPop Total Population (Sample est) P1 SampCount Unweighted Sample Count P2 TotPopH 100% Pop Count P3 PctSample Percent of Pop in Sample P4 Urban Persons in urban areas P5 Rural Persons in rural areas InUAs Persons in Urbanized areas OnFarms Persons living on farms Female GQPop Persons in Group Quarters PopPerSQM Persons Per Square Mile LandSQMI Land Area in Square Miles
  2. Race/Hispanic White1 Persons reporting white alone P6 Black1 Persons reporting black alone Indian1 Asian1 HawnPI1 Other1 MultRace Multi Racial HispPop Total Hispanic Pop P7 White1NH White Alone Not Hispanic Minority Minority Pop: Non-White or Hispanic [derived: TotPop-White1NH]
  3. Age (Same vars as on sf12000x exc no median age) P8
  4. Relationship of Persons in Households (Same as HHPop thru pct_Unmarried_partner on sf12000x) P9 [unmarried partner data from table PCT1]
  5. Households by Type (Same as TotHHs thru pct_NonFamily_Households) P10 Misc. vars LivingAlone thru pct_house_IndvOver65 P11, P14
  6. Marital Status Over15 Persons Aged 15 and over (universe) NeverMarried P18 Married Now Married, not separated Separated Widowed Divorced
  7. Language Spoken at Home Over5 Persons Aged 5 and over (universe) EnglishOnly Speak English only. EnglishLimited speak English less than "very well" P19 NoEnglish Speak English not at all
  8. Foreign Born Persons ForeignBorn Other than native Americans P21 Naturalized NonCitizen EnteredAfter1990 P22
  9. Residence in 1995 Over5 Persons Over 5 (universe) P24 SameHouseIn95 Living in same house as in 1995 P24 SameCountyIn95 SameStateIn95
  10. Place of Work Workers Workers 16 and over P26 LiveInaPlace P27 WorkInPlaceofRes [pct_WorkInPlaceofRes uses LiveInaPlace as denom] WorkInCountyofRes Work in the same county they resoide in P26
  11. Commuting to Work DriveAlone Car, Truck or Van - Drive Alone P30 Carpool Car, Truck or Van - carpool PublicTrans Public Transportation or Taxi CycleWalk Cycled or Walked to Work WorkAtHome Work at Home AvgCommute Mean Travel Time to Work P32/P33
  12. School Enrollment, Persons Age 3 and Over Over3 EnrolledK12 Enrolled in grades K-12 P36 InPvtSchools In Private Schools K-12 InCollege Enrolled in college
  13. Educational Attainment - Persons Age 25 and Over Over25 P37 LessThan9th Less Than 9th Grade SomeHighSchool 9th thru 12th grade, no diploma HighSchool High School graduate or GED SomeCollege Some college, no degree (incl assts degree??) Bachelors Bachelors Masters Master Degree ProfPHD Professional or Doctorate degree
  14. Veteran and Armed Forces Status P39 Over18 Total Pop Aged 18 and Over ArmedForces Persons currently in Armed Forces (PctArmedForces is pct of Over18) CivilianOver18 Civilian Population Aged 18 and Over Veteran (PctVeteran is pct of CivilianOver18)
  15. Disability DisabilityUniverse Civilian Non Institutionalized Pop Over 5 P42 Disabled Persons with 1 or more disabilities DisabilityUniverse65 Civ Non Inst Pop Over 65 Disabled65 Persons 65+ With Disability DisabiltyUniverse16_64 Civ. Non Inst Pop 16-64 EmploymentDisabled Persons 16-64 w Emplyment Disability
  16. Employment Status Over16 Persons over 16 P43 CivLabForce Civilian Labor Force Employed Unemployed [The PctUnemployed variable, or "unemployment rate", uses CivLabForce as denominator] NotInLF Persons Not in Labor Force CivLabForceFem Civ Labor Force, Female EmployedFem UnemployedFem Married_Couples P48 BothWork Married couples, both worked in 99 OneWorks : Only one worker
  17. Industry [CivLabForce, above, is the universe] P49 Manufacuring Employed in a manufacturing industry Retail Retail Trade Education Educational Services HealthSA Health care and social assistance OtherIndustry
  18. Occupation [CivLabForce again] ManProfOccs Management, professional and related occupations P50 ServiceOccs Service Occupations SalesOffOccs Sales and Office Occupations FarmFishOccs Farming, Fishing and Forestry ConstOccs Construction, extraction and maintenance TransOccs Production, Transportation and Material Moving
  19. Household Income in 1999 [TotHHs is universe] HHInc0 Households with Income less than $10k P52 HHInc10 $10,000 to $14,999 HHInc15 HHInc25 HHInc35 HHInc50 HHInc75 HHInc100 HHInc150 HHInc200 $200,000 or more MedianHHInc Median Household Income P53 AvgHHInc Average Household Income P54 AvgHHIncLT200 Average Income of HHs with Income of < $200k AvgHHIncGE200 Average Income of HHs with Income of $200k or more
  20. Income by Source PctEarnings Portion of Income from Earnings P67 PctSocSecurity Portion of Income from Social Security P71 PctSSI Portion of Income from SSI P72 PctPubAssist P73 PctRetirement P74
  21. Other Income Measures MedianFamInc Median Family Income P77 AvgFamInc Average Family Income P78 PCI Per Capita Income P82 NMalesEarning Males 16+ with Earnings in 1999 P84 AvgMaleEarnings Avg Earnings of Males with Earnings P86 NFemalesEarning Females 16+ with Earnings in 1999 P84 AvgFemaleEarnings Avg Earnings of Females with Earnings P86
  22. Poverty PovUniverse Persons for whom poverty status determined P87 Poor Persons below poverty level VeryPoor Persons below 50% of poverty level P88 MeanPovRatio Mean Poverty Ratio P88 [Derived by special formula using the midpoints of the pov ratio intervals in P88 and creating an "average" poverty ratio (but capped at 2.0)]
  23. Housing Units TotHUs Total Housing Units H1 SampHUs Unweighted Sample HU Count H2 PctHUSample Percent of HUs in Sample H3 UrbanHUs HUs in urban areas H5 RuralHUs HUs in rural areas Occupied Occupied housing units H6 Vacant Vacant housing units OwnerOcc Owner Occupied Housing units H7 RenterOcc Renter Occupied housing units MedianRoomsOwner Median # rooms, owner occ units H27 xxxxxxx MedianRoomsRenter Median # rooms, renter occ units xxxxxxx
  24. Selected Housing Characteristics [universe is occupied housing units] Crowded With 1.5 or more persons per room H20 Plumbing Lacking complete plumbing facilities H22 NoPhone Lacking telephone service H43 NoCars No vehicles available H44 AvgHHSize Average Persons per household H18 MovedIn1995 Occupant moved in 1995 or later H38 MedianYearIn Median Year Occupant moved in H39
  25. Units in Structure [universe is total housing units] Units1 Single Family Housing Units H30 Units2 2 to 4-unit Housing Units Units5 5 to 19-unit Housing Units Units20up Housing Units with 20+ Units MobileHomes BoatRV Boat, RV, van, etc.
  26. Year Structure Built [Totally reworked]
  27. Gross Rents Spec_Renter Specified renter-occupied untis H62 WithCashRent With cash rent RentUnder300 Less than $300 Rent300 Rent $300 to $599 Rent600 Rent $600 to $999 RentOver1000 Rent $1000 or more Nocashrent No cash rent MedianGrossRent Median Gross Rent H63 AvgGrossRent Average Gross Rent H64
  28. Housing Values [universe is specified owner-occupied housing units] Spec_Owner Specified owner-occupied units H74 HvalUnder50 Housing Value: Less than $50,000 Hval50 50,000 - 99,999 Havl100 Hval150 Hval200 Hval300 Hval500 HvalOverMillion $1,000,000 and over Vacant_for_Sale Vacant for Sale Units H87 Median_Price_Asked Median Price Asked for Vacant Units H88 Avg_Price_Asked Average Price Asked for Vacant Units H89