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ACS 2008-2012 5-Year Data Now Accessible Via Dexter and MCDC Web Apps

The latest cycle of 5-year period estimates data for 2008-2012 is now accessible from the MCDC web site. The ACS Profiles has been updated to incorporate access to these new data. (Note that the "twin" application, ACS Trend Reports, has not been modified since we do not yet have non-overlapping 5-year data that can be used in that application.) The ACS Profile extract app has been modified so that it now provides easy access to a wide array of these 5-year estimates for most standard geographies. Note that these data are the last of the three standard releases for vintage 2012 ACS data.

Uses of our Uexplore/Dexter software can now access these data on the MCDC web site. The standard profile data (the derived variables as used in our ACS Profiles reports) can be accessed can be accessed most easily using the Datasets.html directory page in the acs2012 data directory. Data sets with names ending in "5yr" are the new ones, stored along side previously stored 1- and 3-year estimate sets. If you used our previous 2007-2011 data sets then you should recognize most of the naming conventions. Perhaps the most important new sets are those that contain data for specific geographic summary levels for the entire U.S., some of which have been augmented with corresponding data from the 2010 census. For example, the two datasets,

provide users with access to the 1000+ profile variables for every 2010 census tract (in ustracts5yr) and to over 700 profile variables for every block group (in usbgs5yr) in the entire country (not all data items are available from the Census Bureau at the block group level, hence fewer variables). Note that BG-level data are not available via the Census Bureau's American FactFinder site, nor are they available via our ACS Profile reports. Users should be very careful when using these data because of their typically small sample size and corresponding high MOE values.

As per our normal processing over recent ACS data cycles we have also created the very large detailed "Base Table" data sets. We store the tables for these new 5-year period estimates in its own separate data directory, btabs5yr within the acs2012 data directory. Access to these data sets is for experienced users who have need for a specific set of data that is not available on the standard profile extracts datasets. There are about 19 gigabytes of data in this single directory, which contains complete tables for most geographic units for the entire U.S. Note the presence of a Varlabs subdirectory (of the acs2012/btabs5yr data directory) that can be used to search for and identify the tables of interest. The TableTopicCodes.txt file can help you to find the table-group of interest. (Use it to find out, for example, that the Poverty topic code is 17, so you can see the detailed descriptions of all available tables dealing with poverty in the file Varlabs/17_20labels.txt).

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