New MCDC Web App Provides Easy Access to ACS Profile Data

We have created a new web application that should make it much easier for users to access data from the American Community Survey. More specifically, the access is to the latest (vintage 2011) 5-year period estimates for the most common levels of geography, for all or selected states, or for selected counties within a state. The application provides easy access to an enhanced profile data set at the block group level with some variables that were previously unavailable at the BG level. Most of the data sets being accessed by this application have been enhanced by merging them with Summary File 1 (sf1) data from the 2010 census. Finally, the application has options for accessing three MCDC-exclusive (for this year, at least) levels of data that were created by doing tract-level (dis)aggregation to get approximate summaries. The three levels are the new 113th Congressional Districts and the 2012-vintage state legislative districts, upper and lower chambers. We do not provide margin of error measures (_moe variables) for these three data sets.

The application can be accessed using the new link ACS Profile extact app in the Quick Links box that appears on the upper-right corner of most MCDC web site pages. The URL for the application is . Users familiar with the comparable application for accesing 2010 sf1 data extracts (see the Quick Links box, SF1 Data extract app) will note that the new ACS-based application is very much modeled after its sf1-based predecessor.

Like its sf1 counterpart, this application is a front end for our Dexter data extraction module. You fill out the form and the selections are passed to a custom Dexter query form. You can then submit the form to get your extract exactly as specified, or you can use dexter to be more precise about what you want prior to submitting (add another filter; exclude certain variables from a table; add a title for a report, specify a sort order, etc.).

A video-based tutorial for the application is under development. A link will be provided from the application.

What's New Is Not What It Used to Be

MCDC News Items Moved to What's New Page With RSS Links

We are in the process of developing a new format for this home page. As part of that transition we are changing the way we use this page as a primary resource for telling our users about new developments here at the Missouri Census Data Center. Beginning in 2013 news articles will be created exclusively on our What's New page (linked to from the top of the navy blue navigation box).