ACS Profiles Application Undergoes Major Overhaul

One of the MCDC's most popular dynamic data applications has undergone a major facelist. The ACS Profile Reports (the third item in the Quick Links box on this and many other MCDC web pages) features a much more user friendly interface. More specifically it has gone from looking like this:

to now looking like this:

There is also a new look to the profile reports themselves:

Of course the most important differences cannot be captured in screen shots, but need to be experienced by using the application. We hope that you will try it and let us with know what you think.

What's New In the MCDC Data Archive?

Easy to Find Out With RSS Links to Whatsnew Articles

As we noted in an article posted here back in May, the Missouri Census Data Center has adopted a new strategy for keeping users informed regarding updates to our data resources. A good example of how this works involves accessing our RSS feeds to see what has been added to our public data archive over the past few months. You can easily access this information in two ways:

  1. From the RSS Feeds icon link at the bottom of the navy blue navigation box (left side of this page) and then selecting MCDCArchive: link.

  2. Go to the MCDC Data Archive home page (4th link in navy blue navigation box) where you'll find a link to the relevant RSS feeds in the Recent Updates to the Archive paragraph (just below the Major Category Index box).

OSEDA Updates Social and Economic Profiles for Missouri Counties

See the new main menu page at . The narrative profiles have been updated for the first time since 2009. Note that the data used in these reports are stored in the MCDC data archive in the cntypage data directory -- with a link directly to Dexter-accessing-the-dataset at the top of the menu page.