----- August, 2014 -----

ALPS Updates

We have updated the ALPS Product Desciption page describing the address list processing services now being offered by the MCDC. There is also a new web application (linked to from the bottom of the Product Description page) that allows the user to specify the number of records they would like processed and the services of interest. The application will then display the charges for those services. A secondary product description page is in the works and will provide more technical details regarding the services.

IRS Tax Data for 2012 Now Available in the Archive

The IRS has released a new set of tax return data for tax year 2012. We have downloaded these data sets, containing summaries of individual income tax return data at the state, county and ZIP code levels. They have been converted and enhanced for the archive. The data are very similar to the 2011 data that we first made available in the early spring of this year. Access the data in the irstaxes data directory using Uexplore. Be sure to read the Readme.html file.

American Community Survey Data, Vintage 2013

The Census Bureau has announced the release schedule (not the data--just the schedule) for this year's cycle of American Community Survey data products. All these data will be made available via American FactFinder and as downloadable base table files.

. Keep in mind that the 1-year data are available only for geographic areas of 65,000 or more population, while the 3-year data are only for areas of at least 20,000. This is why the 5-year data are the most widely used since they have no such population threshold limitations.

These dates are subject to change without much notice. To check on the latest schedule and get more information regarding the releases visit the Census Bureau's 2013 [ACS] Data Release Schedule page.

The MCDC intends to produce the usual web-based data profiles based on the downloaded base files, similar to what we have been doing for several years now. The complete base files and the custom MCDC profile extracts will, of course, also be made available for access via Uexplore/Dexter. See our American Community Survey page for more general information regarding the ACS.

New Web Application Displays ZIP Code (ZCTA) Info

The above is a downsized-to-fit example of a report you can generate by going to our new Display ZCTA_master web application and entering a 5-digit ZIP code (such as 65101). The resulting report is (for now) a bit short on style, but long on information. It is a combination of geographic information, mostly having to do with what other geographic areas (e.g. counties, cities, legislative districts) contain or intersect the ZIP code, and key socio-economic indicators regarding topics such as age, race, income and education levels, taken from the latest American Community Survey data.

As some of our users know, zcta_master is the name of an important data set in our georef data directory in our public archive. We have made such a data set available in various vintages and variable combinations for over fifteen years. Prior to this web application, direct access to the resource was limited to users of our Uexplore/Dexter software. Dexter users are not limited to the one-ZIP-at-a-time capability of this web application; they can access the zcta_master data set and extract these data items for any and all ZCTAs in the United States. They can choose their ZCTAs (rows), their data items (columns), and the data format(s) (csv, dbf, pdf, etc) they prefer. They can even filter/sort their results based on ACS indicators such as the poverty rate or median household income.

There are links on the display_zctamaster output page to the metadata file to get more info on each of the displayed data items, and to the Dexter index page for the georef data directory, from which they can easily invoke Dexter to access the zcta_master data set.

Additional News Regarding This Web Site

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