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Accessing ACS Data at Missouri Census Data Center: Links

April, 2017

ACS Profile and ACS Trends

ACS Profiles Reports (QL) (*) - https://census.missouri.edu/acs/profiles/

ACS Trends Reports (QL) - https://census.missouri.edu/acs/trends/

ACS Profile Extract Assistant

Access the application at http://mcdc.missouri.edu/cgi-bin/broker?_PROGRAM=websas.acsmcdcprofiles_extract_menu.sas&_SERVICE=appdev&st=.

CAPS Applications

CAPS (Circular Area Profiling System) index page - http://mcdc.missouri.edu/websas/capsindex.shtml .

Description of Block-based inclusion algorithm - http://mcdc.missouri.edu/websas/bbia.shtml.


ALPS - http://mcdc.missouri.edu/products/alps_product_description.shtml.

KNI - Key Neighborhood Indicators - http://mcdc.missouri.edu/data/kni/Readme.shtml.

MABLE/Geocorr (QL) (not mentioned in presentation because of time constraints but should have been) - http://mcdc.missouri.edu/websas/geocorr.html.

American Community Survey home page on MCDC site (also not mentioned) - http://mcdc.missouri.edu/data/acs/Readme.shtml,

Note: * (QL) indicates a link included in the Quick Links boxes on most MCDC web pages including the one you are now reading (on the left).

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The Missouri Census Data Center is a sponsored program of the Missouri State Library within the office of the Missouri Secretary of State. The MCDC has been a partner in the U.S. Census Bureau's State Data Center program since 1979.

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