Introduction to Missouri Census Data Center Data Tools

Webinar Presentation by John Blodgett, OSEDA Oct. 27, 2015

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Today's topics:

  1. The MCDC's Uexplore/Dexter software. Brief overview followed by live examples of using Uexplore/Dexter to locate and extract data.

  2. Accessing ACS base/summary tables using Uexplore/Dexter.

  3. Quick look at MCDC web applications to display profile reports, and to do custom extracts from American Community Survey data.

  4. Overview and live examples of the MABLE/Geocorr web application.

Note that we have created video modules corresponding to the sample Dexter queries and MABLE/Geocorr samples. These can be accessed at ctpp27Oct15_videos subdirectory.

Using Uexplore/Dexter