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Note: This menu page and its subordinate pages are being replaced by a flash-based system which is faster and easier to use. Please see the new applinks master menu page at

Master Menu for the Applinks Web Application

Providing Easy Access to Geo-based Web Applications

Select Level of Geography

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About This Application

This is new! View a 15-minute video tutorial describing the application (requires flash software).

What is Applinks?

Applinks is a web utility application that provides easy access to an array of web applications for a specified geographic area. The applinks application is invoked via a URL which includes a series of geographic code parameters that are used to create a dynamic menu page. To see an example follow this link to the Boone County, MO applinks page. The applications referenced on these dynamically-generated pages will vary with the level of geography (i.e. the applications available for counties are not the same as those available for places or census tracts), location (some applications may not be available for the entire country, but just for certain states) and sometime size (as in the case of ACS profile applications).

What Does This Page Let Me Do?

This page allows you to select a type of geography, which will initiate a set of drill-down menu pages being generated that will allow you to select a specific geographic area of that type. For example, if you choose County as the geogrpahic type, the application will then allow you to navigate and choose any county in the Unitd States. If you are interested in getting data for Cleveland, Ohio you need to start by selecting Place (City) as your level from this page; you will then be presented with an intermediate menu page that allows you to select a state and another menu page after that which allows you to select a place within that state. You can choose Ohio and then Cleveland and the result will be that the applinks utility will be invoked and passed the appropriate parameters for Cleveland, OH. Once you get to this page you will be able to access a collection of applications that provide data regarding your chosen place. The same kind of selection process can be done to select (for example) a township in Pennsylvania, a ZIP code in California or a census tract in Kansas.

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The Missouri Census Data Center is a sponsored program of the Missouri State Library within the office of the Missouri Secretary of State. The MCDC has been a partner in the U.S. Census Bureau's State Data Center program since 1979.

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