Missouri Census Data Center

Circular Area Profiles (CAPS) - Version 10C
Rev. 4-24-14

This application will aggregate 2010 Census data to approximate circular areas as specified by the user using a point location and 1 or more radius values. Data used are from the SF1 files, the standard MCDC extract. See the notes page for more details.

Looking for data regarding income, poverty, education, etc? See our classic CAPS application that works with data from the 2000 census (it's old data but it has many more data items). Or, for comparable but more current data from the American Community Survey, see our latest edition of this application: CAPS - ACS Version.

Interested in getting data for a large number of sites? Contact us regarding our Address List Processing System (fee-based batch service).

Enter coordinates for the site in decimal degrees: (Click to use google maps to specify Lat/Long or see Usage Notes for links to web sites where you can enter an address and get its latitude-longitude coordinates.)
Latitude:   (or, enter 5-digit ZIP/ZCTA code)
Longitude (west assumed):   (dd.mm.ss format may be used for minutes & seconds)
(Optional) Enter a name for your Site:
Enter up to 5 radius values, separated by blanks, in ascending order:
(Optional) Select one or more states and the program will limit its data search to just those states.
Select the geographic units to be aggregated:
Uncheck to suppress auxiliary report showing county pops within circle(s)
Check to see detailed geographic units within circle(s) report.

Check to generate txt file with standard codes for all selected geographic areas used in the aggregations.

The   Missouri Census Data Center   is a sponsored program of the Missouri State Library within the office of the Missouri Secretary of State. The MCDC has been a partner in the U.S. Census Bureau's   State Data Center  program since 1979.

Questions and comments can be addressed to John Blodgett at OSEDA.