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Series of Charts and Maps Depict SAIPE Poverty Data by County

Posted 1-17-2015

We have created a series of modules based on the county level poverty data for 2013 from the latest SAIPE (Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates) data from the Census Bureau. They can be accessed at mcdc.missouri.edu/data/saipe/pov2013charts . We plan to create a custom index page for this directory but in the mean time users should be able to recognize the subdirectory for the state of interest (postal abbreviation as the last 2 characters of the subdirectory name). Each module consists of a short report showing the 12 (or more in a few cases like Georgia and Texas) counties with highest poverty rates, followed by a bar chart of those counties and a chorpleth map. The final graph is a map of all counties in the state showing the poverty rate. These maps will display the county name and poverty rate if you move the mouse over a county. It also supports a drill-down feature so that clicking with a county on the map takes you to a new page: our Applinks page for that county.

New Equivalency Files Relate 2000 and 2010 PUMAs

Posted 1-19-2015

We have created a csv file and SAS data set version of a new equivalency file showing the relationship between the old (2000) and new (2010/2012) PUMAs. We added a paragraph to our All About PUMAS 2010 Edition web page that has descriptions and links to these files.

New Sample Map Displays 2013 Median HH Income for US PUMAs

Posted 1-22-2015

We have created the infrastructure to allow us to do PUMA maps (using the latest 2010 PUMA areas) for any individual state or the nation. To demonstrate the funcationality we have created a demo map that can be accessed at < ahref="http://mcdc.missouri.edu/sasmaps/testmaps/uspumas10/uspumas10.html">//mcdc.missouri.edu/sasmaps/testmaps/uspumas10/uspumas10.html. This map serves a dual purpose: it shows the spatial pattern of income in the nation, and it provides easy access to the PUMA base maps provided by Proximity 1. To access the latter you just need to click within any state on the map.

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