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Posted 1-6-2016

New Cycle of Data for the beareis Filetype

We have processed the latest economicn time series data at the state and county levels from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Access these in the beareis data directory. The new data sets contain time series starting in 1969 and going through 2014. (Except there was no update to the wag (wage and salary) data sets. The BEA explained that all the items in this data set were also available in the PRO data sets (economic profile).

Posted 1-6-2016

New Cycle of Data for kidscnt Filetype

We have processed a number of resources (mostly from Missouri state agencies) to create an updated version of the database used in the Missouri Kids Count project. These are preliminary, in the sense that they have not been thoroughly reviewed but most of the programs and resources used have been used for several years. New this year is poverty estimates ...

Posted 1-11-2016

New Inter-censal State and County Pop Estimates 1980-1989

We added these data after a user request for some 1980 data by age, race and sex. The new data sets are in the popests2 data directory. The new data sets are usageracesex8089 which has county level data by 18 5-year age cohorts for 6 race/sex combos (white, black and other race by sex), and usageracesex8089Summaries, which contains summaries of the data in the first data set but summarized at various levels including nation, state and county geographic levels, and combinations of race and sex. The variable smrytyp is the key to understanding what is being summarized.

Posted 1-26-2016

Problem With Missing 2k PUMA on MABLE14

Discovered and fixed a problem with the MABLE14 database, affecting the geocorr14 web application. The 2000 PUMA and 2000 Pop count variables were missing from the mable data sets. Found and fixed the problem.

Posted 1-27-2016

Comparing Post and Intercensal Estimates for 2005-2009

There is an issue that has been raised recently regarding problems with comparing 5-year ACS periuod estimates for the non-overlapping (for the first time!) 2005-2009 and 2010-2014 data. The problem has to do with the sampling and weighting done when processing these two sets of data are different. The 2005-2009 data were weighting based on the then-best-available estimates at the county level with some combinations of age, race, sex. Hispanic. For the 2010-2014 they used the post-2010 estimates. So the latter period base estimates were "informed" by the results of the 2010 census, while the base numers used in the earlier period were not. The 2010 census had been taken yet. But in hindsight we have the "adjusted" intercensal estimates for these years. This is where the Bureau goes out and applies adjustments to the estimates so that they conform to what we found in April, 2010.

We ran a setup to compare the post- and intercensal estimates for the same 2005-2009 5-year period, taking averages of the 5 values in 14 key demographic categories based on age, race and Hispanic origin. We then ran a series of comparison reports, one per state, showing how these estimates differ from one another. See these reports at http://mcdc.missouri.edu/webrepts/post_intercensal0509/. A Readme file is provided.

Posted 2-13-2016

IRS Taxes Data for 2013 Added

We downloaded the IRS individual income tax summary data for states, counties and ZIP codes based on tax year 2013. These are complete data. (The IRS announced preliminary 2014 TY data but that has not been put into the format we use and finalized (i.e. based on a complete calendar year vs a first-9-months preliminary). Access the data at http://mcdc.missouri.edu/cgi-bin/uexplore?/pub/data/irstaxes/. These data are similar to what we have for 2011 and 2012 but there were 19 new items added for this cycle. These items have been included on the standard converted sets and have also been processed to appear on our enhanced "plus" data sets. See the Readme.htnl file for details.

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