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Posted 2-4-2017

New extracts with UA enhancements

Better late than never, we have finally gotten around to adding the urbanized area / urban cluster identifiers to our block level 2010 census standard extract files. These are the files that can be accessed using our 2010 Data Extract assistant web application. There are 4 new varibles added to each observation. These are the UA code, the UA size code, the UA type ("c" for Urbanized Cluster, "u" for Urbanized Area, and "9" to indicate not urban. The urbrur variable just contains "u" or "r" to indicate if the block is or is not within an urban area. This is considered a "beta" version for now but unless we find problems with it we'll make these the new standard block level extracts. For now you would access the moblocksua data set to get the Missouri data with UA fields added. The moblocks dataset (without the new UA codes) is still out there, and that is still the version that gets accessed by the extract assistant. The new data sets are sorted by county, tract and block.

Access these new datasets via uexplore at http://mcdc2.missouri.edu/cgi-bin/uexplore?/pub/data/sf12010x.

The 2010 Census SF1 Profile application is accessible from the Quick Links box found on most MCDC web pages.

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