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Posted 2-4-2017

New extracts with UA enhancements

Better late than never, we have finally gotten around to adding the urbanized area / urban cluster identifiers to our block level 2010 census standard extract files. These are the files that can be accessed using our 2010 Data Extract assistant web application. There are 4 new varibles added to each observation. These are the UA code, the UA size code, the UA type ("c" for Urbanized Cluster, "u" for Urbanized Area, and "9" to indicate not urban. The urbrur variable just contains "u" or "r" to indicate if the block is or is not within an urban area. This is considered a "beta" version for now but unless we find problems with it we'll make these the new standard block level extracts. For now you would access the moblocksua data set to get the Missouri data with UA fields added. The moblocks dataset (without the new UA codes) is still out there, and that is still the version that gets accessed by the extract assistant. The new data sets are sorted by county, tract and block.

Access these new datasets via uexplore at http://mcdc2.missouri.edu/cgi-bin/uexplore?/pub/data/sf12010x.

The 2010 Census SF1 Profile application is accessible from the Quick Links box found on most MCDC web pages.

Posted 3-11-2017

New dataset has 10 years of basic ACS data

The new usmcdcprofiles2006_2015 has the standard profile data for all geographic areas large enough to get single-year ACS data (i.e. population at least 65,000) for each of the 10 years indicated. We got this by simply interleaving the ten datasets named usmcdcprofiles in the 10 acs yearly directories (acs2006, acs2007, ...,acs2015). An alternate dataset ("_nomoes" appended to the set name) is the same as this one but has all the "moe" (margin of error) variables removed. See the metadata page for details.

We also have added a 2015 vintage age by race/hispanic and sex (usagebysexraceh15) dataset - same idea as the previous five years. These datasets are mostly for internal use, or for people who have statistical software that makes it easier to build custom tables from data in this "cell" format.

Posted 3-20-2017

Problem with CBSA Code for Hempstead county, AR

We got a report of a problem with Hempstead county not being in any metro area in 2014 (using MABLE/Gocorr14 app). The problem stemmed back to our georef.cbsaco15 dataset where we had manually applied updates last summer. We fixed the problem - both in the geocref.cbsacos15 data set and the mable14 data for Arkansas.

Posted 3-23-2017

New County Estimates for 2016 With Components of Change (since 2010)

The Census Bureau released their county and metropolitan area level population estimates today. The MCDC has completed their standard processing of these data, creating new uscom16 and mocom16 data sets and a series of reports based upon these data. These data sets can be accessed via Uexplore/Dexter at //mcdc.missouri.edu/data/popests/Datasets.html. (The first five rows reference the five new data sets.) These datasets are all alike in terms of the data being reported (pop estimates with annual component of change estimates for the post-2010 era) differing only in terms of what geography is being summarized and for what geographic universe. uscom16 and uscomcbsas16 are the national collections; uscom16 has summaries for counties and states, while uscomcbsa2016 has comparable data for CBSAs (Core Based Statistical Areas, i.e. metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas) as well as US totals.

We have also generated a series of reports based upon these data that can be accessed at the population estimates Reports index page.

County Level Charts and Maps

Using these new data we have created a set of charts and maps showing some key variables measuring change in population between 2015 and 2016 at the county level. These are the same bar charts and choropleth maps (one set per state) that we did last year. You can access via Uexplore in the popcharts2016 subdirectory of the popests data directory. The Menumap.html page can be used to view a county level map for the entire U.S. that also doubles as a "menu map" where you click within a state to view charts and maps for that state.

Regular users of this web site will recognize the fact that these 2016 vintage datasets, reports, charts, etc. are the same products we have been producing for many years.

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