Missouri Census Data Center

Dexter Query Detailed Description

Query ID: usgqpops05


Extracts a csv file with data for every state and county in the U.S. showing the Group Quarters population estimates for 7-1-2005. It also shows the values from the 2000 census. Total population and household population figures are also shown.

Filetype accessed: popests (population estimates)

Data Set accessed: usgqhhpops05

Dexter features used: Example of the least you can do to get an extract.

Can be easily modified to: Create a subset by selecting 1 or more states or counties.

Degree of Difficulty: 1 (easy)

Saved Query File: View It Run It

The Dexter Query Form

Screen image of dexter query form
The only hard part of doing this query was knowing that the data set existed and navigating to it. The only thing we did on this query form was to click on the box specifying that we wanted to keep ALL the columns. So this is just an example of taking all the default settings. In Section I we take the
default out format (a csv file); we leave Section II alone so we get all the rows of the data set rather than a subset; we already mentioned what we did with the checkbox in Section III; and we made no entries in Sections III and IV (the screen image ends after Section III, but trust us). We clicked on the Extract Data button and a few seconds later we had a blue Output Menu page with a link to our "Delimited File". Because our IE browser was configured to open files with a ".csv" extension using Excel when we clicked on the link the data was displayed for us in that program (within our browser window.)