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  2000 Census Profiles

  1990-2000 Census Trend Reports

  • United States Public Use Microdata Areas ("PUMAs"). This report shows all the 2000 PUMA areas (the smaller "5%" ones) along with the SuperPUMA in which they are contained and lists of counties and places that comprise them. The 2000 population count of the 5% PUMA area is also shown.

  • A variation of the previous report, the mopumas.pdf is a 3-page report showing just the Missouri PUMA's, grouped and sorted by the 10 major "Super PUMA" regions and indicating the page on the mo_puma5.pdf map booklet, which consists of 2 pages of Super-PUMA overview maps and then 10 pages of maps, each showing the detail for one Super PUMA. The reference to the map booklet in the subtitle is also a hyperlink. Highly recommended.

  • Relationship of Missouri counties and 2000 PUMAs: Sorted by county | Sorted by PUMA

  • Summary of Geographic Summary Units Used in 2000 Census
       [Counts and Average Populations of Selected Levels]

  • Place to County Correlation:    Missouri cities   |   U.S. cities

  • Missouri DED Regions and Counties

  • Missouri Regional Planning Commissions (RPC's) and the Counties

  • Missouri Counties Broken Down by Rural and Urban Areas (UAs and Urban Clusers)

  • Missouri Metropolitan/Micropolitan Statistical Areas
    Shows the counties that comprise these (vintage July, 2015)) Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas with 2010 and 2016 estimated populations. (See Bureau web site for complete U.S. definitions.)

  • Entire United States Core Based (Metropolitan/Micropolitan) Statistical Areas (revised July, 2015 definitions). Reports showing the counties that comprised each CBSA as well as their 2010 census populations and the latest (July 2016) official estimates. The population figures are for the CBSA's as aggregates, with no county detail.

  • U.S. State and County FIPS codes - as of 2016 with 2010 census populations and 2016 estimates. (pdf format, 112pp).

  • The following are at least a decade out of date but may be of some historical interest:

  • U.S. ZIP Codes (ZCTAs) to Core Based (Metropolitan/Micropolitan) Statistical Areas (as of 11/04) Equivalency Report

  • U.S. State and County FIPS codes - as of 2006 with 2000 census populations and 2006 estimates. (pdf format, 113pp). (Not current.)

  • Linking Geographic Areas in Missouri to PB Map Series
       Includes All Sub-County Geography on 2000 Summary File 1 Down to Split Block Group Level

  • Missouri Urbanized Area/Urban Cluster County Components

  • Census Tracts by County and TRA: St. Louis MSA (Mo Portion), 1990 | 2000.
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