Census Geography Reference

Geography Applications, Reference, and Maps

  • Geographic codes lookup provides convenient and definitive tables of commonly used geographic codes (mostly FIPS) organized by state for the U.S.
  • Geocorr (geographic correspondence engine), one of our oldest and most-used web applications, lets you generate geographic correspondence files showing how geographic areas overlap (e.g., how ZIP codes relate with counties or school districts). Geocorr 2014, the post-2010-census version, has current geography. Geocorr 2000 has post-2000-census geography, and Geocorr 1990 is still useful for the geography of the 1990s.
  • Geographic reference reports is where you'll find the PUMA reference reports and lots of other good stuff.
  • 2010 guide to state and local census geography — Missouri or all states
  • All about census geography and summary levels: Good overview of census geography, with special emphasis on summary levels and SumLev codes as used on census summary files.
  • The ZIP Code resources page provides general information and links to tools and resources related to U.S. ZIP Codes / ZCTAs. The companion piece, All about ZIP Codes: 2010 supplement, provides additional information specific to the 2010 ZCTAs.
  • Circular area profiles (CAPS) ACS: Dynamic n-mile radius reports based on popular demographic data for any location in US. Uses an enhanced algorithm to improve the estimates for small radii using the same ACS data.
  • Circular area profiles (CAPS) 2010: Uses data from the 2010 census (no "long form" data but reliable population counts).
  • Circular area profiles (CAPS) 2000: "Classic" version usin 2000 census data (from SF3).
  • Google geomap: This tool allows you to enter an address anywhere in the U.S., have it mapped for you, and get the latitude-longitude coordinates of the address. Referenced by our CAPS and Geocorr applications.
  • Geographic glossary file 2014: the latest version of this geographic reference tool is linked from our Geocorr 2014 web application (see above). It provides background information on a wide array of geographic coverages. There are also earlier versions available.
  • Census tract 2010 maps: Missouri county base maps (115 PDF files).

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