2000 Summary File 1 (SF1): Detailed Summary Data Based on Short Form

  1. The Abstract from the Census Bureau Tech Doc (PDF) is a good place to start if you have no idea what a "Summary File 1" is.
  2. The 2000 SF1 data are stored in SAS datasets accessible via the Uexplore application. Select the directories sf12000x to see the SF1 2000 standard extract data sets directory and sf12000 to see the (really big) complete SF1 2000 data sets. The Readme files for these two directories are excellent starting points for anyone wanting to use these data.
  3. Complete technical documentation: This is the Census Bureau's definitive 600+ page manual broken down into smaller pieces (PDF) by the MCDC.
  4. The sf1 data are not provided (from the Census Bureau) at the school-district level on SF1. But the MCDC has aggregated the data to MO school districts. You can access the data files (along with all the standard summaries) using the Uexplore application. Note particularly the files beginning with "moschl". Similarly, we have aggregated the data to create summaries for state legislative districts. See the files with names beginning with "mosenate" and "mohouse."
  5. Excel Tables: Missouri Age-Race-Hispanic Population, 2000 (state totals only)