Population Estimates for Missouri and Across the U.S.

Rev. 6/20/2020


We received and processed the first cycle of county-level estimates with estimates for each year 2010 to 2019. These are the components of change estimates.

We received and processed the subcounty estimates in June 2020, including estimates for places, places-within-county and MCDs. We use these data to create the curmoests.xlsx (current Missouri estimates) file. This Excel file is our definitive Missouri population estimates document, and is updated annually.

See the official Census Bureau Schedule of New Estimates page to see what and when to expect the rest of this year and next.

Data Applications

Population Estimates by Age provides population data at the state and county level for multiple predefined or custom age cohorts, data years, and sex / race / ethnicity groups. This is our only population app that includes single-year-of-age estimates (up to age 84). This application includes Excel data export.

State/County Annual Population Change shows annual population change from 2000 to the most current year, by state and county, including components of change (natural increase and net migration). This application includes bar charts.

Population Trends with Demographics show total and annualized population changes, by nation / state / county, for any desired date range from 1990 to current, including race and age categories. This application includes charts and Excel or PDF data export, and uses the detailed annual estimates from NCHS.

Our Best Estimates

Population estimates are produced as part of the Federal State Cooperative Program for Population Estimates (FSCPE) Program and released by the U.S. Census Bureau. The person who produces population estimates in conjunction with the Census Bureau for Missouri is the state demographer Matt Hesser, Matt.Hesser@oa.mo.gov, Missouri Office of Administration, Jefferson City, MO.