The 2010 Decennial Census

Things You Need to Know

MCDC Data Holdings

You will need to know how to use Uexplore/Dexter to access our data holdings. The MCDC offers a complete set of SF1 data sets for the entire country. We have the SF1A series data for each state, the revised versions that include the updated urban/rural definitions. We have both the original complete table data (in the sf12010 data directory) and our standard extracts based on those table (in the sf12010x directory). We also have the SF1C files with higher-level geographies for the entire country.

To access any of the data collections we have per the 2010 census using the MCDC's Uexplore/Dexter application, go to the Decennial Census 2010 section of the Uexplore directory page, where you will find links to the relevant data directories. We have data from SF2 and PL94 in addition to the SF1 data.

MCDC Custom Applications

The MCDC has two special web applications that provide enhanced and easier access to the SF1 data for 2010.

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