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Change in Missouri Voter Turnout, 2000-2016

aerial view of downtown St. Louis

With this month’s MCDC/GRC story map, we explore the changes in voter turnout across the state between presidential elections to shed insight on how Missouri has gone from purple to bright red in just a few short years.

The map, designed by Jefferson Daubitz of the Missouri Spatial Data Information Service (MSDIS), examines the question of who votes, rather than who they vote for. It explores a variable too often ignored in politics — changes in turnout. Each map is fully interactive. Right-click on any county to open a small window that shows the change in voter turnout between each presidential election since 2000.

Missouri Census Data Center frequently works with MSDIS on mapping and data projects. MSDIS is a spatial data retrieval and archival system offering many mapping resources, primarily focused on the state of Missouri.